By HandWallet Expense Manager


Budget planner expense manager free app. Create virtual envelopes of money and monitor every expense by taking money from these price range envelopes. IN ORDER TO USE THIS APP YOU MUST INSTALL ALSO HANDWALLET EXPENSE MANAGER.

How to work with budget?

1.Download Budget AND HandWallet Expense Manager

2.Define as many budget envelopes needed. Each envelope represents a monthly price range on a category that we need to track.

For instance:

Envelope of cash for price range of restaurants

Envelope of money for finances of clothing

and so on

3. Whenever you purchase something press the envelope and scale back the relevant amount from the budget.

The envelope will all the time present you the way a lot money you can still spend by the the end of the month with out passing the finances limitation.

May be used for:

- Planning a price range for a visit. Decide how a lot you need to spend on every class of the journey and let the app do all the exhausting work of change charges for you.

- Track automobile expense.

- Building or purchasing a house? resolve how a lot to spend and keep away from surprises.

Key feature

• Free budgeting app

• Track earnings bills. Classify all of your monetary activities to categories

• No need to sort - more than 150 classes and sub categories

• Weekly / monthly / yearly finances for every category

• a number of kinds of finances for instance fixed budget, summarized budget (the budget of a major category is the sum of budgets of sub categories), proportion of major (the finances of a sub-category is a percentage of major category) and so forth.

• All kinds of accounts supported: money, credit card, bank account, digital pockets or gift card.

Budget widget:

This price range app consists of also a widget (a widget is a small software you could put on the house display screen of your phone). In order to use the widget be certain to install the app on main memory and never SD card.

To put the widget on the house display screen of the telephone press the app tray after which Widgets. Select the price range widget and put it on an empty place on the home display. Watch this video for assist:


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