Loan Calculator IQ

Loan Calculator IQ

By Handy Apps

Loan Calculator IQLoan Calculator IQLoan Calculator IQLoan Calculator IQLoan Calculator IQ

Loan Calculator IQ is useful for anybody who needs to take up a mortgage from the financial institution, an auto mortgage to purchase a automotive or just mortgage cash to a friend.

Basic EMI Calculator on your Mortgage, Car Loan or Student Loan:


Whether you take a student mortgage or a housing mortgage, the most common query you will have is how a lot do you must pay every month and for the way lengthy.

All you should do is to provide the loan quantity, compensation interval and rate of interest, this Loan Calculator rapidly computes the equated month-to-month instalment (EMI) you should pay so as to service the mortgage.

Apart from the usual month-to-month cost calculation, this Loan Calculator app additionally allows you to calculate any one of many following attributes based mostly on the inputs from the other 3:

a) Monthly or Yearly Payment in your Home Loan, Student Loan or Car Loan

b) Interest Rate charged by the bank

c) Loan Amount

d) Loan Term

How to make use of this Loan Calculator app:


Select the variable that you simply wish to calculate, key within the enter for the opposite 3 variables and the end result will be generated for you.

You can even generate a pie chart that reveals you your total curiosity loan amount as a percentage of your whole repayment

On prime of that, interactive graphs and complete loan amortization schedules can be found on this free loan / mortgage calculator app.

Loan Calculator IQ is delivered to you by Handy Apps and is totally free to use.

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