stock market chips K line

stock market chips K line

By CMoney Inc

stock market chips K linestock market chips K linestock market chips K linestock market chips K linestock market chips K line

【App Overview】

How to buy stocks to make money? Use Chip K that will assist you find hovering stocks! We have the most full info on Taiwan stocks, a wealth of studying assets, and a large quantity of netizens to share their inventory investment experience. By utilizing Chip K daily, you can also become a stock master!

Provide the stock price of listed OTC companies (TSMC, Hon Hai), index market (big market, Taiwan index futures), worldwide finance (US stocks, change rate trends), giant retail investors trading developments, Taiwan stock real-time news, dialogue space and Experts exchange experience!

New features: Synchronized securities stock particulars, group ups and downs distribution, K-line transferring common deduction, K-line chart zoom in and out, search and browse data, ex-rights info, value scale.

Chip Analysis

As a retail investor, do you often have such troubles: Do the stocks in your palms at all times buy on the highest level or sell at the lowest point? Use The chip K-line watch app can clearly know the shareholding status of various sorts of big players, observe their trading tendencies, sustain with the rise in inventory prices that gasoline the flames, keep away from the loss of falling stocks when they are restocked, and bring investment benefits!

【Small information of huge households】

The elements that have an result on the stock value lie in the buying and selling conduct of the market, and there are a bunch of individuals out there who've robust funds of their palms, which are sufficient to have an result on the inventory worth. If Hon Hai falls, it will fall. Following their footsteps will be extra useful to funding. They, the so-called huge gamers, are notably influential individuals within the stock market. The evaluation of the chip floor is to check the trends of the big players.

Large households are divided into three types 1. Three main legal individuals – foreign investment, funding belief, proprietary enterprise 2. Thousands of enormous households – holding many shares of the corporate 3. Key insiders – directors, supervisors, managers, massive shareholder. They have completely different trading modes. Some of them choose weight stocks (TSMC, Hon Hai, CITIC Gold), and a few like to trade every other day. In the stock market chip K-line app, you can see it at a glance!

Dispatch function

5 major killer capabilities remedy your funding problems and allow you to comply with the principle drive to earn cash in the inventory market:

Q1: I don’t know which one to purchase. Booming stocks?

Chip inventory selection It is simple that will assist you pick out the stocks which are being taken care of by the main players within the inventory market every single day,

Just one button, you'll find a full listing of booming stocks.

Q2: Are big stock holders shopping for secretly?

Chip Daily Open the APP and see at a glance!

After the market, it will directly present the over-trading status of right now's self-selected shares, and

help you quickly decide the present buying and selling direction of individual shares.

Q3: How to find out the entry and exit points of stocks through the intraday?

Chip Trend The inventory market pioneered the intraday buying and selling perform of huge and retail investors, which lets you quickly Master the intraday entry and exit points of the stock.

Q4: Do you want to renew or liquidate the bought stocks?

Chip Health Check Provides multiple units of sub-graph indicators, allowing you to rapidly check the key elements that affect the stock price


The major pressure is revenue or loss, you'll have the ability to see through it at a glance,

Even if the market rushes up and down, your inventory can still be held tightly.

Q5: What are the specialists within the inventory market shopping for recently?

Chip Expert Tracking the market daily is outdated, observe the experts to keep away from being bluffed,

Track the consultants within the inventory market , mechanically notify specialists of the newest views

stock market discussion area, help you grasp one of the best trading targets!

You can simply manage your funds on your mobile phone, and take it with you with the cellular watch software, permitting you to invest and win at the begin line.

Download now Chip K line lets you become an expert inventory market investor

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