Seer: The blue genie's mind reader

Seer: The blue genie's mind reader

By Falcon Studios.

Seer: The blue genie's mind readerSeer: The blue genie's mind readerSeer: The blue genie's mind reader

I will attempt to read your mind and know the individual you are pondering of

You should think of a fictional or real character and I will attempt to discover out the character you might be thinking of by answering a quantity of questions

-This magical blue genie is a game Seer is a mind reader sport that will think of the character you are considering and can immediately offer you this unique blue genie the character you are thinking of, he is very good. The unique character you might be thinking of is somebody referred to as Seer, a thoughts reader

-The application contains a large group of characters such as:

K-pop artists similar to J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, and assault anime heroes The Giants, Naruto and different anime, Gulf sequence, and Arabic series

And a big group of famous YouTubers corresponding to Abu Fella, Bandretta, Anas Marwa, Asala Al-Maleh, Noor Stars, Nareen Beauty, probably the most famous Korean singers and representatives of Turkish collection Akinator And many, many more

Now search for challenges and puzzles for unknown characters and win Akinator gems now!

- Considered H This application is a challenge and a game of intelligence, in addition to thinking and entertainment, and not a gasoline sport that depends on questions which may be given to you so as to reach the character you are thinking about. A question or a single phrase and by utilizing intelligence, the particular person in your thoughts is understood

-You can problem the seer and make him use supernatural intelligence and pondering and provide the character you might be pondering of with out gas and many questions via entertaining questions

The software continues to be It is within the beta model, so if the appliance can't know the individual you are contemplating, you'll have the ability to assist us and add the title of the person. We will review it as quickly as potential and add it to the application

Do not hesitate to contact us on our email when you encounter any problem


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