YgoDeck - Manager for Yugioh

YgoDeck - Manager for Yugioh

By okasoft

YgoDeck - Manager for YugiohYgoDeck - Manager for YugiohYgoDeck - Manager for YugiohYgoDeck - Manager for YugiohYgoDeck - Manager for Yugioh

YgoDeck - Manager for Yu-Gi-Oh is app for Yugioh Player. If you play Yugioh real cards, you should have issue to manage your cards and what deck you will create. No want to fret anymore. This software will allow you to construct and handle your playing cards and deck.


- Yugioh Cards database (update periodically)

We will replace the database periodically after it released. The app will examine the database update from our server mechanically.

- Card image fetch online

There are greater than 9900 Yugioh cards so it will value space in your device. So card image shall be fetch from our server. Alternatively you ought to purchase premium so can download all card image to be used offline.

- Search, filter and sort cards easily

You can filter out the card database by shade, attribute, type, attack, defend, level, and lots of more. With this selection you'll simply search your Yugioh card

- Duel calculator with dice roll and coin toss

We will allow you to duel with your pal with our duel calculator.

- Trunk / collection and Wishlist feature.

Save what Yugioh card you've and what you want. Duelist often have thousand playing cards and so they want device to manage it.

- Cloud sync

Your Yugioh playing cards and deck will be saved on our server.

- Game characteristic and take a look at draw

Test your deck with our straightforward recreation feature and test draw.

(Game nonetheless in development, for now you just can duel with yourself)

Other characteristic:

- Multideck, with statistic and note

- Card pack listing and card rarity

- Card related feature

- Card rulling, errata, and suggestions link to yugioh wikia

- Import, export, and file association with ydk file

- Card worth from eBay

Lets Duel!! :)



By buying premium you will support us so we are able to replace and add extra feature.

You may also get this feature too :

- Free Ads

- Card downloads for use offline

- Copy shared deck


# If you discovered any bugs, misstype, suggestion, or anything usefull ship it to [email protected]

# This app just isn't affiliated with Konami Digital Entertainment. Yu-Gi-Oh! content and materials are logos and copyrights of Konami Digital Entertainment.

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