Trip Hand

Trip Hand

By Odd Sheep

Trip HandTrip Hand

Increase the immersion level of your SteamVR experiences with Trinus Hand!

Trinus Hand converts your smartphone into a 3dof (3 degrees of freedom) controller on your SteamVR games.

A single device can be used to emulate both controllers, with separate buttons for each controller.

Or you need to use two smartphones to have full control.

Make use of that old Android phone!


- Bluetooth (on both PC and smartphone)

- Gyroscope sensors in your smartphone

- Currently solely compatible with Trinus PSVR

How to make use of:

- Pair your Android through Windows Bluetooth settings

- Run Trinus PC server (currently solely compatible with Trinus PSVR)

- Choose the device(s) in Hand Tracker tab

- Start your VR session

In-app buy:

By default, you'll have entry to all buttons. But if you want to fully customise your experience, you'll have the ability to change the button size and placement, and in addition assign actions to bodily volume keys with the in-app buy.