DnDice - 3D RPG Dice Roller

DnDice - 3D RPG Dice Roller

By Digital Apptisans

DnDice - 3D RPG Dice RollerDnDice - 3D RPG Dice RollerDnDice - 3D RPG Dice RollerDnDice - 3D RPG Dice RollerDnDice - 3D RPG Dice Roller

DnDice is a 3D Dice Roller application with actual physics simulation.

You will get a full set of dice in your pocket!

RPG players, Board avid gamers and Dungeons and Dragons followers can use DnDice as a dice roller, just like in the real world.

DnDice features are:

* 'Dice Sum' mode: the result's the sum of the cube outcomes plus a modifier.

* 'Number of Successes' mode: the result is the number of dice that outmatch the chosen 'Success' worth.

* Full set RPG dice: d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24, d30, d100, FUDGE/FATE.

* Shake dice by shaking your system.

* Move cube by dragging and throwing them along with your finger.

* Shake cube by double tapping your device.

* Tilt your system to have an result on the cube gravity.

* Customizable Gravity strength.

* Pause and resume the simulation.

* Long press on a die to dam it, remove it or change its colour.

* Modifier to be added/subtracted to the dice throw.

* Throw result (with history).

* Share your outcomes on social networks like Google and Facebook, or as you prefer it. (Facebook do not let to fill the message automatically, you have to copy/paste it or rewrite it...)

* 10 Customizable presets (name, dice and colors) with shortcuts.

* Customizable dice: shade, type, opacity, number color and measurement.

* Customizable playground (Wood, Marble, Paper, Grass, Concrete, Stone, Leather, Casino, a custom Image or a Photo).

* Unlimited dice may be added, it is decided by your gadget.

* Sound and vibration when dice collide.

* Sound effects when you rating a high or low end result (Applause, Laugh, ...).

* Swipe up or down with two fingers to cover the higher and decrease interface.

* Live Wallpaper! Select a preset and watch it in your homescreen.

* PRO version: 10 more presets, Custom throw by writing text like 2d6 1d20 2, Drop/Keep/Popping Dice/Auto-Reroll choices, Special Die (dS) with customizable pictures, double success and failure thresholds

Note: INTERNET permission is required for Google Analytics. PHOTO and STORAGE permissions are for customized backgrounds. Other requested permissions are fairly apparent ;)