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CallSign - A Live Action Gaming Console

Callsign - Beta Version Now Available on Android!!!!!!!

CallSign is one of a form, free-to-download app that provides a digitally enhanced reside gaming experience. Use CallSign to connect to your favourite Laser Tag Pro powered battlefield worldwide or buy a BRX to play at house. Track your stats like kills, dying, accuracy, killstreaks, and extra. Gain XP to stage up and earn rewards.

This is just the start. CallSign will allow you prompt message, share stats, view your friends’ profiles, and keep up to date on all of the occurs of their local battleground. CallSign will turn into an in-game heads-up-display with vitals, recreation notifications, and a scoring system that brings the fashionable FPS video game to life! The game of laser tag has developed into a tactical expertise and CallSign is its interface. Download the app now to create your unique CallSign and connect with the growing group of player in your space and around the globe.

Join the revolution that merges gamers with battlefields around the globe for the primary time in laser tag history! Callsign will change our understanding of reside action gaming!

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