Paint by Numbers - Dinosaurs

Paint by Numbers - Dinosaurs

By Kedronic UAB

Paint by Numbers - DinosaursPaint by Numbers - DinosaursPaint by Numbers - DinosaursPaint by Numbers - DinosaursPaint by Numbers - Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs lived on Earth tens of millions of years in the past, lengthy earlier than our ancestors emerged on the face of the planet. These superb animals boggle our creativeness by their variety and size. Some have been small like modern lizards, others as large as a multi-storey building. Some have been predators, for example the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, while others had been herbivorous - like the Diplodocus, Ankylosaurus and Iguanodon. Some species could fly, some lived in water, however most of them walked on the ancient land. Dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic era, which is subdivided into three durations: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Today, archaeologists research the remains of those animals and may only assume how they seemed and lived.


◦ Teaching youngsters simple arithmetic. Addition and subtraction

◦ Coloring by geometrical figures and pictograms

◦ Coloring by letters

◦ Very easy program interface that any youngster can master

◦ Easy-to-use palette that allows you to put collectively your own unique set of colors

◦ High-quality drawings of all photos

◦ Visual results and sound results

◦ Pleasing background music

◦ Colored footage routinely saved on closing the program

◦ And many other useful options that make coloring entertaining

Paint by numbers - an interactive coloring book for children. This mathematical game teaches youngsters to recognize numbers and clear up simple mathematical examples. In addition, this program develops memory, consideration, imagination, and logical abilities.

Boys and girls of all ages love to paint. The simple coloring mode is suitable for the smallest of kids, together with these of kindergarten and preschool age. These include easy and recognizable pictures which might be easy to paint. If the child selects the incorrect shape, then they will be prompted with the proper number. Therefore, the picture will always be colored correctly, and the child will rapidly memorize the numbers. Children can choose to color by geometrical figures and pictograms along with numbers. A child can simply distinguish a square from a circle, diamond, and triangle.

School-age kids will benefit from the advanced coloring mode. Here the image is split into a lot of elements, thus making it troublesome at first to determine what it depicts. Older children can complicate the task by adding addition and subtraction duties. Now youngsters might want to solve the examples and choose the correct solutions to have the ability to shade the picture. This will train the kid the way to rapidly do arithmetic of their mind.

Those who're studying the alphabet can choose to paint by letter. Coloring by letters might be helpful for kids preparing to enter major school.

To make the coloring process more interesting and enjoyable, you presumably can change any of the preset colors. To do that, press and hold the jar of paint and a palette will open. Then you can choose your favourite colour. Thus, all of the shaded areas of the picture could be changed within the coloring by number mode. You can have enjoyable by changing the colour scheme to swimsuit your taste. Try the program proper now!

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Let your younger artist color in these enchanting princesses and heroines from right here favourite tales and she will enter a world of beauty and magic.Benefits: ◦ Teaching kids easy arithmetic. Addition and subtraction◦ Coloring by geometrical figures and pictograms