Thelema Tarot

Thelema Tarot

By The Fool's Dog

Thelema TarotThelema TarotThelema TarotThelema Tarot

Fall in love with the elegant attract of Thelema Tarot! This deck harkens again to a bygone age of courtly honor and chivalry. “Thelema” means Will or Intent in Greek. The word is a life-long lodestar to Renata Lechner, the deck’s artist. Thelema Tarot is an RWS-style deck, and has no connection with the Golden Dawn, or with Aleister Crowley’s work. Most of the cards show very related scenes to Pamela Colman Smith’s iconic work, expressed in lush and lovely picture collage photographs. The deck’s polished aesthetic will enchantment to anybody looking for a dignified and exquisite change of pace from the traditional RWS.

*Intuitive, elegant interface is simple for newbies and experts

*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution card images

*Full help for all Android devices operating 4.0.3 or newer

*Sophisticated journal

*Includes unabridged compact book in English

*Includes introduction and brief card meanings in Spanish, French, Italian, and German

*19 spreads constructed in

*Design your personal format with Free Form

*Allow reversed cards or not

*Option to use Major Arcana only

*Zoom in to enlarge card details

*Share reading through email

*Animated shuffle cut

*Optional voice prompts

*Customize with your personal card meanings studying cloths

*Many adjustable settings

Let Thelema Tarot woo you, with its beauty, elegance, and dignity!

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