CritDice - Dice Roller

CritDice - Dice Roller

By VueSoft LLC

CritDice - Dice RollerCritDice - Dice RollerCritDice - Dice RollerCritDice - Dice RollerCritDice - Dice Roller


CritDice is a quick and straightforward cube roller. CritDice can be used to roll cube for DD and tons of different video games. Here’s a brief listing of what CritDice can do for you…

•Simple dice calculator supports many dice sorts, combinations of cube, and modifiers.

•Dice rolls are totaled and proven in a large popup, along with detailed results of the person cube rolled.

•Roll cube by tapping the ROLL button. The outcome might be instantly displayed - no waiting for 3D cube to complete animating.

•Dice formulas may be saved as favorites, allowing 1-tap rolling.

•Access a list of all previous dice results, and tap any end result to re-roll.

•Customize dice sounds. For example, a custom sound may be performed when a 20 (critical hit) is rolled on a d20.

•Optional text-to-speech announcement of dice roll results.

•Intuitive minimalistic person interface based mostly on Google Material Design tips.


CritDice provides a dice bag with assist for modifiers and the following dice sorts:










•dN (custom dice, N = any number)

•dF (Fate/Fudge)

Dice are input using commonplace notation and the outcomes are utterly random. A dice roller ought to be ready to handle any mixture of dice, and CritDice offers this capability. Here are only a few cube roll examples that may be performed utilizing CritDice:

2d20 10

d12 3d6 8


d20 d12 4d6 4


The paid model of CritDice options a sophisticated cube bag supporting further roll sorts:

•Custom dice (any variety of sides can be specified)

•Fate/Fudge dice

•Keep highest or lowest

•Drop highest or lowest

•Automatically re-roll specified values, any number of instances or solely as quickly as per die.

•Exploding, compounding, and penetrating dice

•Count whole successes and optionally subtract failures


After rolling cube the results will be immediately displayed in a large popup, enabling you and your fellow gamers to simply see the outcomes. The outcomes can be spoken by your gadget.

Special sound effects can be configured for sure dice roll results, corresponding to when a important hit (20) is rolled on a d20. Dozens of sound results are included to select from. You can also configure dice to use any additional sound results you've got downloaded.


Dice inputs can be saved as favorites and rolled with a single tap. Favorites can have any title and could be grouped by class - helpful for if you finish up playing several characters or wish to keep things organized.


A record of earlier dice roll outcomes can be supplied, with the latest outcome on the top of the record. Tapping an item within the record will cause it to be rolled once more. Previous cube rolls could be transformed into favorites with a faucet of a button.


CritDice is compatible with the dice methods used in DD and many other video games. Some of the appropriate video games are listed beneath:

•7th Sea

•13th Age

•All Flesh Must Be Eaten

•Anime: Beyond Fantasy

•Black Crusade

•Call of Cthulhu

•DD and ADD (all editions)

•Dark Heresy




•Iron Kingdoms


•Mutants Masterminds

•Only War


•Rifts (Palladium Games)

•Rogue Trader


•Warhammer 40k

CritDice may also be used for many board video games together with Backgammon, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Farkle, Craps, and so on.


Visit the CritDice website to be taught extra about this cube roller app:


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