Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro

Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro

By MRE Programming

Ultimate EMF Detector Real ProUltimate EMF Detector Real ProUltimate EMF Detector Real ProUltimate EMF Detector Real ProUltimate EMF Detector Real Pro

This is the Pro model of the Ultimate EMF Detector which incorporates extra options and zero third party promoting.

!!!This app requires a magnetic sensor to work!!!

!!!Avoid inserting your telephone near high power or strong magnets!!!


1)EMF Advanced: Graphs, sound and vibration alarms and more

2)EMF Simple: Simplefied detector

3)EMF Lightbar: Main studying, radar sound and enormous lightbar

3)EMF Classic: Classic instument with analog needle and lights

This app presents:

- Magnetic Field B in microTesla, Gauss and milliGauss and Auxiliary Field H

in Amp/m

- XYZ, max-min and graphs.

- The classic EMF meter with the needle, LCD and LED indicator

- Record magnetic knowledge on txt file (with timer)

- Sound alerts: Max, Spike and Radar

- Vibration alert

- Variable sampling rate

- Set a meter as favourite

- A few backgrounds and skins for the detector

- Zero third get together advertisments

Use this highly effective detector to measure magnetic fields, detect metals, magnets, cables and extra. The detector offers nice accuracy, graphs of the displayed readings and even the power to calculate and show the auxiliary area H which is derived from the magnetic subject. The simple theme makes it simpler for inexperienced users to measure and research magnetic fields, whereas the Classic Meter provides a different feeling whereas measuring.

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