Wildwood Tarot

Wildwood Tarot

By The Fool's Dog

Wildwood TarotWildwood TarotWildwood TarotWildwood Tarot

Enter the Wildwood, and take a mystical journey wealthy in shamanic wisdom and forest lore. Inspired by the mythology of pre-Celtic Europe, the pack of 78 beautiful cards and the accompanying e-book guide you back to a time of ancestral wisdom and Earth mysteries. In the Wildwood, our partnership with archetypal characters and magical creatures is as natural as respiration. Explore the oracle of the Druids, voted #3 Tarot deck of 2011.

*Intuitive, elegant interface is straightforward for beginners and experts

*Dramatic prompts voiced by Mark Ryan himself

*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution card images

*Supports all Android devices, including phones and tablets

*Includes a one hundred sixty web page e-book on The Wildwood Tarot

*14 built-in card layouts

*Free kind format option

*Sophisticated journal

*Many adjustable settings

*Allow reversed cards or not

*Can use Major Arcana only

*Zoom in to enlarge card details

*Share reading through email

*Animated shuffle cut

*Voice prompts assist beginners learn, and can be disabled

*Customize with your personal card meanings reading cloths

The dream team of John Matthews, Mark Ryan and Will Worthington has created a powerful tool to access your internal mystic. Enter the Wildwood today: those that journey inside emerge forever modified.

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