Morse Code Keyer

Morse Code Keyer

By DDSoftware

Morse Code Keyer

Version 1.2.0 now has a significantly better keying feel because of lower sound latency.

The professional model now contains a stand alone keyboard.

Morse Code Keyer permits textual content entry from Morse code input. It features a CW paddle sort interface with a dit key and a splash key to enter the characters. This is nice way to follow generating Morse code. This practice can solidify expertise in studying and forming the Morse code characters. This ability can translate on to sending CW on the ham radio bands if you have an novice radio license. If you do not have a license, it can be fun to impress your friends with messages you composed with Morse code.


-Full Iambic keyer.

-Send entered textual content by SMS or email

-Iambic mode could be turned on and off.

-Adjustable auto word spacing.

-Easy adjustment of aspect tone frequency (200 – 1500Hz).

-Easy adjustment of WPM.

-Adjustment of sound envelope to have an result on quality of sound.

-Stand alone keyboard in professional model.

This is the free version and has the identical performance as the pro version, however incorporates ads and doesn't contain a stand alone keyer. Using this app is an effective approach to evaluate if this works nicely in your system.

The keyer is a full Iambic keyer with one caveat. If you push the dah key, then press the dit key, the characters will alternate like an Iambic keyer. The problem is should you raise your finger off of the dah key, the output will stop as a substitute of continuing to repeat the dit character. This is as a result of way Android multi-touch works. In the identical situation, lifting the dit finger will enable the dah characters to continue.

Morse Code Keyer includes a settings screen the place display screen structure, keyer and sound settings are adjustable.

The format options encompass turning on and off a small popup window. This window will present the dits and dahs as they're entered. The side of the display screen the dit key's on may be adjusted (right or left). There can also be an option that affects the visibility of the phrases per minute (WPM) slider.

For the keyer you can adjust whether or not the keys should repeat. For instance, holding the dah key repeats the dah key at the present WPM setting. Iambic mode is also adjustable. With this on and when both keys are pressed, the dits and dahs will alternate. The auto spacing characteristic can be adjustable. This adds spaces mechanically at word boundaries.

The sound setting that's adjustable is the rise and fall time envelope percentage. The share is of the whole dit time. Longer values will make a softer sound, whereas shorter values give the sound extra punch.

Thank you on your interest in Morse Code Keyer. If you any issues what so ever, please contact me rather than leave adverse suggestions. I will work with you to resolve the problems.

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Version 1.2.0 now has a significantly better keying really feel due to lower sound latency.The pro model now contains a stand alone keyboard.Morse Code Keyer permits textual content entry from Morse code input. It includes a CW paddle kind interface with a dit key and a dash key ...