EZBuzzer: Wireless Game Buzzer

EZBuzzer: Wireless Game Buzzer

By Braultomatic Innovations

EZBuzzer: Wireless Game BuzzerEZBuzzer: Wireless Game BuzzerEZBuzzer: Wireless Game BuzzerEZBuzzer: Wireless Game BuzzerEZBuzzer: Wireless Game Buzzer

Looking for a Jeopardy Buzzer, Family Feud Buzzer, Quiz Bowl Buzzer, Trivia Buzzer, or playing any sort of sport where a buzzer is needed to decide who rang in first? This app is a wireless, easy, and free resolution, and no WiFi is required for buzzer use! One individual plays as a Host, after which up to 20 different gadgets can join via Bluetooth as Players. This app does NOT include any questions, however it DOES allow you to add a approach to Buzz In, award points, and/or hold time to any recreation which requires it.

The first Player to sign shows up as green on each his device and to the Host; the the rest of the Players are then locked from answering till the Host clears, awards factors, and permits extra buzzing.

You can keep track of scores, and customize the value of right or wrong solutions. You can group players into groups, and monitor scores by both player and by team. You can add optionally available Bonus Points if your game calls for it. You can even add a Game Timer to know when your sport is done! Short on people? One person can function each the Player *and* the Host, awarding points whereas nonetheless having the power to buzz in!

EZBuzzer might be used for Pub Trivia, Quiz Bowl / College Bowl, video games such as Jeopardy or Family Feud, or classroom activities! Replace messy wired buzzer systems with ease...or add an impartial judge to your sport instead of guessing who was first!

EZBuzzer works over Bluetooth - no problem with joining a WiFi network or dropped WiFi signals. Initial start-up is easy: One individual ought to sign on as a Host or PlayerHost, and then all others as Players. Players will mechanically connect with the Host, after which the enjoyable can begin! As this game is Bluetooth-based, gamers must be nearby...that is an app to play with your friends or household together! Don't like ads? You can take away them easily for a small one-time payment.

Enjoy! Feedback is welcome!

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