Virtual Tabletop RPG Manager

Virtual Tabletop RPG Manager

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Virtual Tabletop RPG ManagerVirtual Tabletop RPG ManagerVirtual Tabletop RPG ManagerVirtual Tabletop RPG ManagerVirtual Tabletop RPG Manager

Customize dungeon maps for tabletop RPG (pen paper role playing games) like dd (Dungeons and Dragons) or Pathfinder. Load grid maps as your RPG fantasy worlds and play it on your virtual tabletop rpg maps like never!

With this app, 'tabletop RPG grid maps', a digital tabletop rpg tool, you possibly can:

- Substitute paper grid maps on in-person multiplayer RPG adventures

- Load your individual maps as a grid to play on

- Manage your character and enemies' monster's token positions on the grid map

- Mirror your cellphone display to your tv and play on it

Also, with this app, additionally, you will have:

- A cube auto sum system with 5 types of cube (d4,d6,d8,d12,d20) for any needed roll

- Quick share display perform to let present your folks the sport state you had been in

- Some default good artwork maps and unique fantasy character tokens to load

- Expansion packs for exclusive tokens often released !


- This app is meant to substitute paper grid maps, so it was designed to work on TABLETS since they have wider floor areas. However, the app additionally works on any system with a scrolling system.

- This app does not comprise any data about RPG techniques corresponding to dd (Dungeons and Dragons) or Pathfinder, it only incorporates common commonly used tokens for monsters and some common generally used maps.

- The app can be used to substitute Roll20 app however only for presential video games, since it works offline and is not supposed to work with internet.

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