Hedgehog #39;s Adventures 3

Hedgehog #39;s Adventures 3

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Hedgehog #39;s Adventures 3Hedgehog #39;s Adventures 3Hedgehog #39;s Adventures 3Hedgehog #39;s Adventures 3Hedgehog #39;s Adventures 3

Hedgehog's adventures continue! New tales, new characters and new mini-games await!

Help the animals to get up Bear, help Hedgehog's grandmother in baking buns and knitting warm garments for the winter. Travel with Hedgehog and his pals to the North pole and prepare for Christmas with them!

The app contains dozens of enjoyable academic games for 4-6 year olds, including: mazes, sudoku, reminiscence game, find related objects, continue the pattern, find the precept of a sequence of objects, puzzles and tons of different. The duties have been designed by a toddler psychologist and a trainer.

We develop educational and logic video games for preschoolers and youngsters in elementary college.

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