Baby Panda #39;s Town: My Dream

Baby Panda #39;s Town: My Dream

By BabyBus

Baby Panda #39;s Town: My DreamBaby Panda #39;s Town: My DreamBaby Panda #39;s Town: My DreamBaby Panda #39;s Town: My DreamBaby Panda #39;s Town: My Dream

Welcome to the Baby Panda's Town! At right here, you can expertise your dream lives with interesting city buildings, tasty food, fun video games, friendly neighbors and pals...

Baby Panda's Town: My Dream has provided 8 completely different jobs for you: flight attendant, chef, teacher, archaeologist, astronaut, policeman, firefighter, and doctor. My dears, select your dream job then and have fun in the Baby Panda’s Town!

In Baby Panda's Town, you can select the next jobs:

Solve Intellectual Problems

Learn about arithmetic and numbers in classroom; look for pieces of cultural relics and piece them together into the unique shape!

Look After Friends

Bandage wounds and prescribe drugs for sufferers; prepare coffee, fries and muffins for flight passengers!

Maintain Town Order

Go on patrol in the mall, find and arrest thieves; drive a fireplace engine to place out fire and save trapped residents.

Make Nutritious Meals

Match different kinds of food for well-balanced meals; heat meat and greens for astronauts and feed them!

You can freely select characters and stay in your dream town! Download Baby Panda's Town: My Dream, and begin experienceing your dream jobs.

Baby Panda's Town: My Dream will allow you to:

- Learn to resolve easy arithmetic issues.

- Cultivate kindness by getting together with associates.

- Give full play to your creativity.

- Make your super hero goals come true.

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