Train for Animals

Train for Animals

By GameMagica

Train for AnimalsTrain for AnimalsTrain for AnimalsTrain for AnimalsTrain for Animals

BabyMagica Train for Animals is a instructional recreation for 2 year olds with vibrant graphics, the animated animals and cheerful youngsters's music.

In the fun recreation for youths it's necessary to transport all animals on stations, eliminating obstacles in engine transits.

The child practice can change colors, hoot in a whistle and start up multi-colored smoke.

And with each animal on the station it's attainable to play: the hedgehog can collect musical apples; the greyish hare to gnaw carrot and to giggle cheerfully; boar catches acorns in a bag; the elephant to begin up confetti and balloon pop; the monkey to blow cleaning soap bubbles (bubble pop); the cat to purr; the young fox to bounce, the canine to catch a bone, the crocodile to play a ball and so forth.


The sport is designed for the little youngsters. The kids app accommodates each entertaining components: train for teenagers, animals for youths, colourful balls, bubbles for kids, balloon game, cars, airplanes, and simple puzzles for teenagers. The baby will spend time not solely with pleasure, but also with profit (training consideration, logic, memory, fantastic motor skills and reaction).


• enjoyable recreation for teenagers to free play.

• Train for Animals for youngsters from 2 to five years outdated.

• in a recreation simple administration — contact with one finger.

• interactivity of characters, responsiveness and realness of the game world contributes to the development of imagination of the child, curiosity and sense of humour.

• the child sport provides the prospect to the kid to invent the story on the plot course.

• the kids practice will attraction to boys and girls.

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