Jurassic Dinosaur - for kids

Jurassic Dinosaur - for kids

By Yateland - Learning Games For Kids

Jurassic Dinosaur - for kidsJurassic Dinosaur - for kidsJurassic Dinosaur - for kidsJurassic Dinosaur - for kidsJurassic Dinosaur - for kids

Welcome to the world of somewhat Triceratops!

In Jurassic Dinosaur, you are a little Triceratops, exploring Dinosaur Island freely. Whose habitat will you start with: T-rex, Pachycephalosaurus, or Ankylosaurus? Let's go make new dinosaur friends!

The little Triceratops is busy every single day. Jump within the mud pits, swim underwater for treasure, hop onto the bushes from the bottom, and travel by way of vines in the forests. Feel free to wander round and discover the whole island!

You may even gentle a campfire or search for food! Fly to the clouds and style the marshmallows! And when you eat the purple berries on the ground, you will turn into a balloon and fly up within the sky!

A giant T-rex is sleeping! Shh...don't wake him up!

A massive rock blocks the way! Let's help Stegosaurus transfer it and get free!

A mysterious cave! Take a look; it's a slippery slide!

Fun interactions are all over the place and assist kids learn the relative position of house throughout play!

There are many mysteries within the recreation. How many secrets are you capable to discover?


• Explore 3 habitats of Jurassic dinosaurs.

• Travel and uncover the secrets of dinosaurs.

• Recommended for preschoolers aged 2-6.

• No third-party advertising.

• Works offline.

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