Lola #39;s ABC Party - Lolabundle

Lola #39;s ABC Party - Lolabundle

By BeiZ

Lola #39;s ABC Party - LolabundleLola #39;s ABC Party - LolabundleLola #39;s ABC Party - LolabundleLola #39;s ABC Party - LolabundleLola #39;s ABC Party - Lolabundle

NOTE ! This utility is meant for use with Lola's Learning Pack PRO. You can check out the applying two instances free of charge. Lola's Learning Pack PRO can be downloaded from Play store Lola's Learning Pack PRO

Lola’s ABC Party teaches letters, studying and writing skills, and phrase recognition for youngsters ages 3-6.

Lola Panda’s basic easy-to-understand directions and type encouragement helps keep the young player’s attention while they progress via actions. The player begins by studying vowels and consonants, and then constructing to extra advanced reading and writing actions.

Who doesn’t like a party? Kids are rewarded for their progress with in-game achievements and fun celebration actions and surprises. For parents, LOLA PANDA™ Progress Tracker gives you the convenience to simply follow your child’s learning progress. It’s an excellent day for an educational party!


Key recreation features:

Engaging academic actions for kids aged 3-6

Child-friendly: No in-app purchases or third party advertising

Develops key abilities: Letter recognition (upper and lowercase), alphabet apply, word building, fundamental studying and writing skills

Includes clear and delicate, spoken instructions

Customized to the younger player’s learning pace

Fun in-game achievement awards and activities

Progress Tracker operate enables you to observe child’s learning progress


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