Little Panda #39;s Snack Factory

Little Panda #39;s Snack Factory

By BabyBus

Little Panda #39;s Snack FactoryLittle Panda #39;s Snack FactoryLittle Panda #39;s Snack FactoryLittle Panda #39;s Snack FactoryLittle Panda #39;s Snack Factory

Little Panda's Snack Factory is now open!

This is a brand new children's recreation from BabyBus.

Here, children can attempt their hand at snack-making!

Ingredient selection

There are so many elements in the little panda's kitchen, like fruits and sugar... Children could make their very personal treats by following the recipes provided!


Mix the ingredients like the flour and eggs, and knead the combination to make a ball of dough. Shape the cookies using the machine, after which place the cookies into the oven!


Mix together the cocoa powder, sugar, and milk, and so on. Then, pour the chocolate mixture into the mould, and then place it into the refrigerator to chill!


Choose a fruit that you are keen on, after which make juice with it. Add gelatin and sugar, and then mix them well. Add fruit bits to make a good tastier jelly.


The youngster will earn coin rewards upon completion of the snack-making process. Coins can be utilized to unlock extra ingredients!

You can make much more food at the Little Panda's Snack Factory.

Come and check out this recreation by BabyBus!

This is a sport that BabyBus has specifically designed for youngsters. It is a sport that allows children to enjoy the pleasure of cooking, extend their imaginations, and to design the shapes of their snacks.

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