By Onomatopée!


Blips makes it possible to learn numeration in an amusing way… Application entirely conceived by a resource trainer.

Description of the educating contents of Blips: (choice of the language: French, English)

1) Reading of numbers: progressive ranges of difficulty

- 0 to 5, 5 to 10, 0 to 10 and so on as much as 1,000,000

2) Reading of assorted representations of the number:

- small guidelines of centicubes, counting frames, packing containers of 10, marbles and baggage of tens marbles, calculating boards

3) Stop watch (optional):

- permits the participant (who needs it) at all times to improve his personal reading time

4) Visual reference mark structuring (flask of energy):

- point out to the player the variety of items succeeded and the number of items remaining

Numeration constitutes some of the essential item to amass with the first education. To know tips on how to count, read, write, characterize and evaluate numbers rests on knowledge impossible to bypass, since preliminary to the control of extra complex ideas in mathematics.

For this cause Blips! was elaborate.

This application is addressed all to the children between 3 and 10 years. It is also especially recommended to the younger people having difficulties or disorders of training (dyscalculia,dyslexia, TSA, and so on.)

Goal of the sport:

The participant must hearken to the number given orally for then locating the great reply among the many bubbles proposed by the robots. After 20 successes, the participant is carried out in path of the discovery of a model new robotic whose complexity steadily improve. For learning, the goal is to pile up essentially the most robots potential and to enhance its own time if it plays again a robotic later on unlocked!


Blips! may be customized to meet particular needs. Thus, the adult can unlock before hand all of the robots of the identical line or proposing just one exact robotic with the kid according to his particular needs.

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