MiniLobes - Ordkronan

MiniLobes - Ordkronan

By Liifle AB

MiniLobes - OrdkronanMiniLobes - OrdkronanMiniLobes - Ordkronan

Minilobes need assistance learning new words! Help Minilobes acquire word crystals to get to the next degree and eventually get the Word Crown. If you level to the proper picture, you get a phrase crystal. When you've collected enough word crystals, you will reach the next level. There can be additional life to make use of at every level. When you may have passed all the levels and realized to know enough phrases, you will finally get the Word Crown. In MiniLobes Ordkronan you study new words and prepare your language comprehension.

MiniLobes - Ordkronan contains:

- Press the right image and follow greater than 200 different phrases.

- There are illustrations that characterize nouns, adjectives and verbs.

- Narrative voice that guides kids in a playful way.

- Child-friendly interface and nice illustrations.

- The Figures MiniLobes

- No third get together promoting

- No in-app purchases

- Intended for youngsters in age 3-6 years

- Further information about the content material is out there on our website