Read Kitam! - App included - Name Reader

Read Kitam! - App included - Name Reader

By Kauman Sama Online

Read Kitam! - App included - Name ReaderRead Kitam! - App included - Name Reader

App is a faculty Sama bo'i ya pata'u amassa is a bahasana. This is an efficient app for college libraries, including Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 school rooms. Tausal and other pagan tales my app you'll have the ability to tell her makabassa saga story my Library Sinama App. (An app for use in faculties and at residence that teaches studying to Sama students)

- 21 App Levels

- 22 Letters-Writing, lengthy vowels, lengthy consonants

- 150 Sinama phrases maka pattaʼna

- Kaseheʼan words bay min saga kissa/story ma Library Sinama

- 12 scholar profiles for so much of students on the lookout for their school achievement system.

A Sinama Adaptation of SIL's AlphaTiles App is designed to show mother tongue audio system to learn in their very own language.

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