English Word Talk Talk - Prefix/Suffix/Syllabic Game

English Word Talk Talk - Prefix/Suffix/Syllabic Game

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English Word Talk Talk - Prefix/Suffix/Syllabic GameEnglish Word Talk Talk - Prefix/Suffix/Syllabic GameEnglish Word Talk Talk - Prefix/Suffix/Syllabic Game

1. Once acquainted with the syllables, it is straightforward to memorize words and cause about unfamiliar words

- All words encompass at least one syllable

- All words consist of single roots or affixes

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- The core rule of syllable division is root/affix separation

- The number of possible syllables in English is quite lots of million, however the variety of syllables really used is hundreds

- The variety of possible syllable combos in English is enormous, but the number of really used syllables is about 3,000

- When memorizing words, memorizing them in syllable models is straightforward and useful in lots of ways

- Limited Familiarity with syllables is the shortcut to vocabulary conquest

2. Pronunciation and listening to English turn out to be easier when acquainted with syllables

- Re-emphasis on syllable-based phonics education in American instructional establishments from 10 years ago

- Syllables are a fundamental component of a conversational language that is pronounced directly. The key to pronunciation and listening

- There are countless attainable syllables and mixtures of syllables, however in reality, there's a very restricted and sure pattern.

- When this sample is established, a lot of the English speech sounds go from there to there. Easily adapted

3. Sensitive expression of English syllables like Korean

- All languages ​​form syllables with consonants and vowels, and phrases are formed with syllable combinations

- Korean has a clear syllable division, so syllables are It is easy to memorize and pronounce words by treating them as units

- By applying this, English syllables are expressed in blocks and assist for easier memorization and pronunciation

- Here is a general jigsaw Introduction of Jigsaw Puzzle and Block Game methods

4. Vocabulary subject to training

- About a thousand elementary, middle and high school vocabulary

- About 1500 common vocabulary

- About 2000 TOEIC vocabulary

* For your reference, there's also a Korean version, however you'll find it by trying to find 'Neuk Talk Talk' in the Google Store.


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