Word Fairy #39;s Adventures Pro

Word Fairy #39;s Adventures Pro

By Regentropfen Media

Word Fairy #39;s Adventures ProWord Fairy #39;s Adventures ProWord Fairy #39;s Adventures ProWord Fairy #39;s Adventures ProWord Fairy #39;s Adventures Pro

Includes: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Indonesian, Italian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Catalan, Georgian, Slovakian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Romanian

In Letter World, all words are broken down into small parts! Help Letter Fairy to gather all of them and reassemble them. Her friend the dragon might help you. But provided that you find him and feed him with magic stars.

Letter Fairy’s Adventures is a sport adapted to children studying to learn and speak but learners of all ages can get pleasure from it and have fun whereas studying intuitively and independently.

Can studying to learn be as simple and exciting as enjoying a pc game? We've developed a sport with which you'll be taught to learn intuitively and individually, as you

would play a recreation.

We imagine that a learning game needs to be so good that it will encourage you to play it although you may not be interested in its pedagogical content material. We've carried out our greatest to implement this idea in our sport. In doing so, we incorporate psycho-pedagogical foundations and concepts from the Montessori methodology, improve upon such instruments as phonetic charts and current the syllables as they're actually spoken and never as they'd be if spoken separately. Our emphasis is not on learning to recite the alphabet or spelling out phrases; quite the opposite, instead of studying the ABC off by coronary heart, the pupil learns which sounds really happen in each word. As such, double vowels, for example, are never separated.

Should you've any further questions about our pedagogical method or concerning the recreation itself, please feel free to contact us at (in English or German): [email protected]

The recreation is tailored for kids aged 4 to eight, no matter whether or not the pupil goes to school, kindergarten, pre-school or main faculty. Children in greater grade may also revenue from the game in case of assorted studying and/or spelling difficulties such as dyslexia. You can even use the game to learn some fundamentals of foreign languages, regardless of your age: due to the audio clips, you'll find a way to discover learn the pronunciation of the person phonemes in each word. You hence not solely study a translation of the phrase, however have a local speaker present you the meaning and the spelling of every phrase. Of course, this is not meant to be an entire linguistic pedagogical surroundings: the words supplied are all nouns and there are as of but no adjectives, verbs and no punctuation. Learning the language is predicated right here on a difficult speaking vocabulary trainer. This app nevertheless can be used as an interactive introduction to the acquisition of speaking expertise for individual words. The game does not include a dictionary and isn't break up up in individual classes, however quite in ranges with varied themes such as pirates, animals or automobiles.

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Includes: In Letter World, all phrases are broken down into small parts! Help Word Fairy to collect them all and reassemble them. Her friend the dragon can help you. But only if you find him and feed him with magic stars.Word Fairy’s Adventures is a game adapted to children learn...