Read and write with Zebra

Read and write with Zebra

By Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH

Read and write with ZebraRead and write with ZebraRead and write with ZebraRead and write with ZebraRead and write with Zebra

The app ZEBRA WRITING TABLE is a part of the German textbook ZEBRA by Ernst Klett Verlag and is

conceptually based on it. But it can also be used independently of the textbook. It provides a learning path with

films, a sport and various workouts. These chapters illustrate the first levels of studying the written language.

This app is the prelude to the Zebra App sequence for learning to read and write in German, years 1 to 4.

The new app ZEBRA WRITING TABLE provides exercises for the writing of phonetically words based on

fundamental vocabulary. Basic phonetic-letter assignments are practiced. Wrong words are automatically

corrected after the third incorrect try. By displaying the accurately written word as nicely as their own input,

the children can examine and recognize mistakes. Basic orthographic awareness is practiced in a playful method.

The contents of the tutorials in the two areas change with each new game of the app, so working towards doesn’t get

boring even with multiple games.

The following contents are included:

- Videos explaining the fundamentals in a child-friendly way

- Incorrect entries are corrected, after the third try the right answer is displayed mechanically.

- Clear association of workouts on a learning path

- Self-determined learning is possible

- Motivation by collecting stars and trophies

- Detailed evaluation for teachers and fogeys as a basis for promotion

In the app there are two areas to apply:

The area SWINGING SYLLABLES AND WRTING familiarizes kids with the writing table and offers exercises.

- “initial-sound-rap”

- Movie communicate - listen - swing

- Task hear and swing

- “ZEBRA writing desk game”

- Movie writing with the ZEBRA writing table

- Task swing and write easy level

- Task Swing and Write troublesome level

The space HEARING SOUNDS incorporates workout routines for phonological awareness, which is a basic requirement for the

acquisition of the written language.

The following listening process types are included to the sounds part:

- Which word begins with...?

- Which phrases sound related at the beginning?

- Where do you hear the sound within the word?

- With which sound does the word begin?

The 4 listening duties could be acquired as an in-app purchase. This purchase is shown on the learning path, but

it is just possible within the teacher-parent space, which is protected from unwanted entry by a numerical barrier.

It also offers data that protects the pill from undesirable in-app purchases, making it unimaginable for

the youngster to purchase the app extensions.

We hope you and your youngster enjoy the exciting means of learning to write down and sit up for receiving your

comments and remarks.

Your Zebra Team

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