Vkids Dinosaurs: Jurassic World

Vkids Dinosaurs: Jurassic World

By VKids

Vkids Dinosaurs: Jurassic WorldVkids Dinosaurs: Jurassic WorldVkids Dinosaurs: Jurassic WorldVkids Dinosaurs: Jurassic WorldVkids Dinosaurs: Jurassic World

Vkids Dinosaurs will deliver a wonderful Jurassic park experience to your kids.

They will turn into the archaeologist and explore the world of dinosaurs on adventures to wonder lands; from wild jungle to cold Arctic region, and uncover many different varieties of dinosaurs. After every excavation, children will be ready to gather dinosaur bones in a puzzle sport and create their own dinosaur collection. They will learn more about every species with the data supplied for each excavated dinosaurs.

► 10 dinosaur species to explore

► 03 interactive video games in each stage: excavating, assembling the bones to create the total dinosaur and feeding with the correct sort of meals.

► Superb dinosaurs interaction with various animations and excellent graphic

► Splendid sound effects along with native speaker voice-over


Vkids which was founded in 2016 is owned by PPCLink Company. We have been born with a mission in building top quality instructional apps for kids that may help mother and father in nurturing their children while living in a nowaday digital world. Vkids core worth is to create apps in high standards with beautiful design, spectacular animation and tutorial interaction. We're thriving Vkids to turn into essentially the most well-known brand for children in Vietnam and be in a position to go international.

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