Pictosonidos is an utility the place through pictograms, with related sounds and locutions, the understanding of ideas is helped and the vocabulary of people with oral communication issues is elevated, who study extra easily through photographs.

Through pictograms we assist people to situate themselves in area and time, to anticipate events, to specific their concerns and emotions, to speak in an alternate method normally.

The operation of the Pictosonidos website may be very simple, the pictograms are grouped into different classes; when accessing each class they'll advance progressively one after the other, or advance to the pictogram they need through the higher panel for quick access to the pictograms of every category.

Each pictogram has an related locution of the word and in these cases the place that unit has sound, said sound will sound previous to the locution, to facilitate as far as possible the understanding of stated picture.

Each phrase of every class is associated with a phrase with a locution of voice included, for a greater assimilation of concepts, which is accessed by clicking on the conversation icon in the nook of the central pictogram, which can open a floating screen with the complementary phrase to the concept.

We have tried to make the navigation of the applying as intuitive as potential and thereby achieve a higher diploma of usability when handling so many ideas.

We embody games in these sections that contain sounds to make studying a more pleasant experience, once the mandatory vocabulary data has been acquired through stated pictograms, sounds and phrases.

There is the chance of downloading the applying so that it might be utilized by every user without the need to have of the web for its use, at present it is only obtainable for Android and we hope that it'll soon be obtainable for iOS as nicely.

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