Nouratel | we sing

Nouratel | we sing


Nouratel | we singNouratel | we singNouratel | we singNouratel | we singNouratel | we sing

Publish the recitation of the Noble Qur’an together with your voice now or with the voice of your favourite reciter and extract it as a video file with a beautiful design and share it with your friends..

We designed the Nartel application for you with knowledgeable interface, by way of which you can do the next:

p>1- Create distinct videos by which you review the verses you select from the Noble Qur’an with the ability to pick the voice of your favorite reciter or report it with your personal voice

2- You can add many translations in plenty of languages ​​to the verses and control their colors

3- You can download an audio/video file out of your phone to be synchronized with displaying the verses and translation of your choice

They at all times say that priceless forex expels dangerous currency, and recently many applications have spread in publishing short videos, which Some misused it,

Since we've taken it upon ourselves to offer continuous improvement of advocacy functions, we've designed this application, which we hope will gain your admiration and satisfaction.

Translations obtainable within the application:

1- Chinese

2- English - Noorinternational

3- French - Noorinternational

4- Hindi

5- Indonesian

6- Latin - Noorinternational

7- Perisan

8- Spain - Noorinternational

9- Tamil

10- Turkey

11- Urdu

12- Uyghur

The application produced by the Messenger of God website

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