NestWatch by Cornell Lab

NestWatch by Cornell Lab

By Cornell Lab of Ornithology

NestWatch by Cornell LabNestWatch by Cornell LabNestWatch by Cornell LabNestWatch by Cornell LabNestWatch by Cornell Lab

NestWatch is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s citizen-science venture that tracks nesting birds in North America. Found a bird’s nest? You can report it for science.

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Add a nest location utilizing the interactive map.

Add knowledge on species, number of eggs, variety of younger, hatch date, and other pertinent particulars.

Contribute to North America’s largest database on avian nesting success.


Full offline functionality, enabling use in locations with limited or no Internet connection or mobile service.

Enter bird nest observations from wherever in North America.

Track your nesting statistics in real time.

Ideal for managing nest field trail knowledge.

Automatically syncs with internet version for seamless multi-user and multi-platform assist.

Your knowledge are brazenly out there for scientific analysis, education, and conservation right away.

Learn more about monitoring birds’ nests for science at

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