My oral Project Voltaire

My oral Project Voltaire

By Woonoz

My oral Project VoltaireMy oral Project VoltaireMy oral Project VoltaireMy oral Project VoltaireMy oral Project Voltaire

This software is intended for people who are coaching to move an important oral thanks to the My oral resolution of the Voltaire Project. It allows you in a couple of clicks to report your audio or video performances from your telephone. You can also add a file already current in your phone to the platform.

About Voltaire Project Mon oral:

The Mon oral software is an asynchronous and distance training answer that allows pupils and students to enhance their speech, especially in view of examinations such because the Grand Oral du Baccalaureate, defenses, competitions or key interviews. This software allows academics to train their lessons in the analysis of third-party content material, to arrange them for public speaking, to advise them on content material and kind, to stimulate their capability to construct a discourse and to specific it. with readability orally.

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