Molecular Dynamics

Molecular Dynamics

By Mikhail Kulesh

Molecular DynamicsMolecular DynamicsMolecular DynamicsMolecular DynamicsMolecular Dynamics

MMD is a classical molecular dynamics code applied as an App for Android. MMD is acronym for Method of Molecular Dynamics, which is a pc simulation of particles (atoms, molecules) movement. This simulation is finished with respect to the given preliminary and boundary conditions and a possible that describes the particle interaction.

The trajectories of the particles are decided numerically. The well-known Velocity Verlet integration of Newton's equation of motions is used for a system of interacting particles. Forces between particles are defined analytically utilizing a pair potential operate that is decided by the distance between two particles.

In physics, MMD is used to look at the dynamics of atomic-level phenomena that cannot be noticed instantly. Within the cell gadgets context, it may be used as a small mobile laboratory to understand the basics of the particle physics. Furthermore it might be used to supply good dynamical photos which are suitable as a reside wallpaper.

Application features:

- The utility could be set as a live wallpaper that visualizes the present experimental arrange.

- In the reside wallpaper mode, the active “static” wallpaper can be utilized as a background. You can mix your favorite background image with particles “flying” in front of it.

- The changes made in major software might be utilized to live wallpaper daemon to make the wallpaper tuning simpler.

- Generation of an preliminary structure of the particles use diagonal or square grids with given dimension

- Possibility to pick a boundary situation (full energy is constant, kinetic power is fixed, or no constraints)

- If kinetic power is constrained, it's potential to apply “thermal change” that simulates heating/cooling of the system

- Possibility to alter the gravity worth. The gravity vector can be additionally changed by rotating of the device.

- Possibility to pick out and visualize selected potential. Currently, three common potentials can be found: Lennard-Jones, Morse and Born-Mayer.

- The particle skin could be chosen from build-in clip artwork.

- Multi-touch interface is used to zoom and drag the experimental space.

Note: because the software implements a numerical integration method, it generates a significant CPU load. Therefore, the reside wallpaper mode isn't suitable for low-power gadgets.

The app is one hundred pc open source. Please be at liberty to obtain, discover, fork or contribute to it on

Languages: English, Russian.