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Let's be taught tajwid together. Let's JomTajwid.

The JomTajwid utility was developed to make it easier for learner to enhance their understanding in the tajwid.

The fascinating options of this JomTajwid application are:

The use of attention-grabbing graphics in the description of a regulation of tajwid

Content updated from time to time

Content is organized by matter sequentially in a neat arrangement

The use of examples of Qur'anic verses for each legislation of tajwid to make it easier for the learner to use the information of tajwid that has been learned when reciting the Qur'an.

Almost all tajwid legal guidelines are included with examples of letters or examples of verses

Audio operate is included for each example letter or instance versesJomtajwid Pro

The JomTajwid community has grown since it was first launched round 2017.

The primary focus of JomTajwid is to create a platform for all to enhance their understanding of tajwid anytime and anyplace.

Alhamdulillah, now the Jomtajwid platform has been used as one of the reference mediums by various levels of society to study more about tajwid.

Hope it is helpful to anybody who makes use of it. InsyaAllah ~

The greatest human being is the most helpful to others - (HR Ahmad)

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