Astrolapp Live Planets and Sky Map

Astrolapp Live Planets and Sky Map

By Ecliptical Apps

Astrolapp Live Planets and Sky MapAstrolapp Live Planets and Sky MapAstrolapp Live Planets and Sky MapAstrolapp Live Planets and Sky MapAstrolapp Live Planets and Sky Map

Your window to the starry sky

Hold your gadget into the sky to look at and identify planets, stars and constellations through your telephone's show. Enjoy Astrolapp's highly sensitive and very correct Live Mode, along with a visually interesting and intuitive interface. (Note: Live Mode is on the market solely on units with a inbuilt compass)

Stars are drawn based on their true color and supplied with their names in accordance with the International Astronomical Union. Optionally, the 88 official constellations are drawn with or with out title labels. Use a robust search perform and let an arrow guide you to find any planet, star or constellation above your head.

Tapping on any star or planet, Astrolapp highlights the path throughout the sky which the celestial body follows in the middle of the evening (or day). In addition, Astrolapp calculates rise and set times for any celestial body to the minute and reveals the current position data in tabular kind on a separate pull-out show.

Astrolapp automatically detects your current location and makes use of it to calculate the starry sky as you are seeing it. But should you ever wish to know what the starry sky looks like on the other end of the world, simply use the built-in map to select some other location.

Also, Astrolapp will show you the present sky by default. However, should you be excited about how the sky will look like next month, or wish to plot planetary constellations at historical events many years or centuries ago, Astrolapp will take you there in a couple of seconds. Watch the sky altering, in fast motion!

As an different selection to live-mode or for gadgets and not using a built-in compass, Astrolapp offers a star-map-mode. To swap between the two forms of show, faucet the '3D'-button. Both modes offer mainly the same info and functionality as described above.

Star-map-mode: An interactive star map in the style of an astronomical clock

This representation visualizes the mechanics of the Solar System and the actions of the celebrities and constellations in the midst of the day and the yr. This is achieved by a planar projection of the celestial sphere, as it was utilized in medieval astrolabes and astronomical clocks.

Astrolapp depicts the celestial sphere as it will be seen by somebody sitting at the celestial north pole. From this point of view, the solar strikes clockwise across the middle of the plot, within in the future, parallel to the celestial equator, identical to on a 24-hour dial of a clock. Moon and planets transfer somewhat roughly than a full circle per day, depending on their correct movement inside the photo voltaic system.


★ No sounds, no advertisements -- simply quiet evening sky!

★ Fast and accurate live mode with Kalman filter know-how (requires a compass / magnetometer in the device)

★ Star map mode with planar projection, analogous to astronomical clocks and medieval astrolabes

★ The positions of the Sun, Moon and the planets incl. Pluto

★ The 9096 brightest stars (Bright Star Catalog) and the 88 constellations of the IAU

★ Rise, set instances and transit occasions for all celestial objects, correct to the minute

★ Moon phases and phases of the planets; retrogradicity of planets

★ Numerical position information for stars and solar system objects in the ecliptic, equatorial and horizontal coordinate system; heliocentric, geocentric as nicely as topocentric

★ Graphical representation of the ecliptic and the positions of the zodiac indicators (only in star map mode)

★ Real-time show or manually scroll in any centuries

★ Automatically decide geographic coordinates of the observer or manually choose and save via map

★ Calculation of local photo voltaic time, native sidereal time and Greenwich sidereal time

★ Colors of the celebrities in accordance with their spectral type

★ Night mode (monochrome black/red)

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