Alternating Current With RLC

Alternating Current With RLC

By carolus7490

Alternating Current With RLCAlternating Current With RLCAlternating Current With RLCAlternating Current With RLCAlternating Current With RLC

Alternating Current With R-L-C, Version 1

The program Alternating Currnet With RLC is designed to visualize the interrelations of electrical currents and voltages in circuits utilizing resistors, capacitors and inductors. The complete voltage is assumed to be of cosine type. The main focus is on graphical representation and calculation. The following views are a half of this system:

Graphic showing the circuit

Vector diagrams of voltages and currents

U(t)-diagram including all partial voltages

I(t)-diagram together with all partial currents

P(t)-diagram of the electrical energy

R(f)-diagram exhibiting absolutely the value of impedance as a operate of the frequency

I(f)-diagram exhibiting the absolute value of the electrical current as a operate of frequency

Frequency response locus of impedance and admittance

You can choose between 21 forms of circuits. Among these are single parts, parallel and serial connections as nicely as serial or parallel mixtures of components.

There is a help screen for each kind of circuit, displaying the basics of mathematical calculations similar to the chosen circuit.

You can change the magnitude of all circuit elements in a dialog window.

For further visualization functions it's potential to start an animation, simulation the place of the electric vectors in time. While the vectors within the vector diagrams rotate, there is a vertical line within the U(t) and I(t) diagrams, displaying the precise place of time.

The Main Menu:

Menu Type Of Connection

Single Element

Parallel Connection

Serial Connection

Parallel Combinations

Serial Combinations

Menu Miscellaneous:

Load File

Save File

New Data

R(f) / I(f)-View

View P(t)

Start Animation

Stop Animation

Exit Animation

Export Graphic

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