Let #39;s do pretend Icecream shop

Let #39;s do pretend Icecream shop

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Let #39;s do pretend Icecream shopLet #39;s do pretend Icecream shopLet #39;s do pretend Icecream shopLet #39;s do pretend Icecream shopLet #39;s do pretend Icecream shopLet #39;s do pretend Icecream shopLet #39;s do pretend Icecream shop

◆◇◆ Learn! Play! An Experience! ◆◇◆

◇◆◇Let's faux do Ice-cream shop!◇◆◇

“Let’s pretend do Ice-cream shop!”is a model new entry to the Role-playing App sequence where you brain-train while playing interactively!


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 “Let’s pretend do Ice-cream shop!”

Role-play as an ice-cream shop server and take the customer's order! There's plenty of ice cream flavors and varioustoppings, from whip cream to fruits, from candiesto sauces! Make your personal unique ice-cream as many instances as you want!

◆◇◆Application Details!◆◇◆

---Play over and over again!

 More than 1,000,000 combinations!

Find 18 totally different flavors, 5 totally different containers, 4 categories totaling 30 totally different toppings, and 5 completely different sauces! Find new and great mixtures every time as you make special ice lotions to your hearts content!

---Many colourful variations!

With the various colourful ice cream flavors and ornamental items, it will assist inspire the child’s mind to the senses of colors.

---Do what you want! Make it look pretty!

Let your child mix and match to their liking. The ice cream is made so as, so it's going to naturally come out pretty, to which the kid will certainly be proud of. The application is well-balanced to allow the most quantity of freedom whereas resulting with a reasonably look.

---Save the ice cream you made in an album!

Simply press the digicam button that seems at the accomplished display to take an image of the ice cream you made, which is then saved into an album.


Kids can enjoyLet's do faux Ice-cream shop! with their dad and mom. Have some brain-training fun with your kids!


*Target age:2 year previous and up

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