B2 English Key Word Transformation: Cambridge FCE

B2 English Key Word Transformation: Cambridge FCE


B2 English Key Word Transformation: Cambridge FCEB2 English Key Word Transformation: Cambridge FCE

• Use of English part 4

• 200 individual assessments

• Expert-reviewed

• Designed for revision

• Timed exam simulations

• No ads!

• No internet connection required - use it on the bus!

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This version of follow checks has been written to carefully replicate the Cambridge examination experience, though additionally it is appropriate for any English language scholar working at CEFR B2 level.

Each of its 200 exam-styled, single-sentence Key Word Transformation (Part 4) assessments carries a lexico-grammatical focus, testing lexis, grammar and vocabulary.

Each assessment contains a sentence, followed by a ‘key’ phrase and an alternate sentence conveying the identical which means as the first however with a niche in the middle. Use the key word offered to complete the second sentence so that it has a similar that means to the first sentence. You cannot change the key phrase offered. Each appropriate reply is damaged down into two marks.

About the writer: Laura Broadbent is an academic supplies writer at present based mostly in the UK. She beforehand taught Cambridge examination programs in Spain.