Holy Quran and Hadith

Holy Quran and Hadith

By ИП Шукурлаев Еркин Асадович

Holy Quran and HadithHoly Quran and HadithHoly Quran and HadithHoly Quran and HadithHoly Quran and Hadith

Translation of meanings and comments by Iman Valeria Porokhova.

Prose translation by Elmir Kuliev.


For the first time, the Koran and Hadith are revealed in Russian as a program for smartphones, tablets and different mobile devices with the ability to search and sound.

The program includes a Russian translation of the Quran and Hadith with commentary on them and contains the unique Arabic textual content of the Quran, which is of particular worth to all students of the Arabic language.

The program has the power to look the text of the Koran, Hadith and comments, considering Russian morphology. Search allows you to view all textual content fragments that include the required phrase or expression, together with all possible word forms.

The program lets you create bookmarks that help you instantly leap to the textual content you need. You can bookmark these suras, ayats, hadiths and commentaries that you simply typically check with. In addition, you presumably can bookmark search queries in order to find all of the texts containing the phrases you are interested in at any time.

The Qibla compass embedded in this system permits you to find the best direction for prayer, wherever you are.

The Russian and Arabic texts of the Quran are absolutely voiced, and for the Arabic text it is possible to pay attention to every ayat individually.

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