Sabbath School 24/7

Sabbath School 24/7

By Dot7

Sabbath School 24/7Sabbath School 24/7Sabbath School 24/7Sabbath School 24/7Sabbath School 24/7


This utility is made by a group of younger people in their free time so that each one the brothers can have their day by day research within attain. Sometimes occasions get difficult we ask for patience and prayer. If you may have any questions or find an error, in our e-mail [email protected] we try that can help you.

Each QUARTER you must update from the store (PLAY STORE)

7 ES7 is an ad-free, free and non-profit app. The advertising you discover is on web sites that we have linked from our application


Download and study the Ellen G. White companion

Study the Lesson material with out relying on Internet connectivity

Highlight text, add daily comments to share your study

Your comments could be edited, deleted and shared in your social networks.

Requires Internet

⭕Download evaluation audio with Ptr. Alejandro Bullón when you examine your lesson.

⭕Websites with links to the morning (children, youth, adults, women) and helpful web sites to complement the examine (may contain external promoting to the application)

⭕Maps with Adventist Churches (Send your Church and we add it)

⭕Play hymns

⭕ External sites

Download the applying and study! Now we may have no excuses! ?

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