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NetSupport School Tutor

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NetSupport School TutorNetSupport School TutorNetSupport School TutorNetSupport School TutorNetSupport School Tutor

Designed for set up on a teacher’s Android tablet (v5 and above), the NetSupport School Tutor for Android extends the product’s capabilities into dedicated tablet-based classrooms, giving the teacher the ability to join to each scholar device and enabling real-time interplay and help.

NetSupport School is the market-leading classroom administration software resolution for schools. Available for all platforms, NetSupport School helps a instructor with a wealth of assessment, monitoring, collaboration and management options to ensure they can leverage the perfect outcomes from their IT equipment.

Note: The student pill have to be operating the NetSupport School Student app – additionally available to download from the shop.

Key features when connecting to student units:

-Thumbnail View: Thumbnails of each student system allow the trainer to watch classroom exercise in a single view.* For more detailed monitoring, the instructor can discreetly view the display of any chosen scholar.

-Real-time scholar evaluation: The Question and Answer (QA) mode enables the teacher to conduct each particular person student and peer evaluation. Deliver questions verbally to the category, then select college students to reply. Select Students both randomly (pot luck), first to reply, or in groups. Bounce questions to a number of students, ask the class to look assess a selected response and maintain particular person and team scores.

-Class Surveys: Teachers can conduct on-the-fly surveys to gauge student data and understanding. Students are capable of respond in real-time to the survey questions posed and the teacher can then present results to the whole class, enabling college students to receive immediate feedback on their progress.

-Student Register: The teacher can request commonplace and/or custom information from every student at the start of every class and create a detailed register from the knowledge supplied.

-Lesson Objectives: If supplied by the teacher, once linked, college students are presented with details of the present lesson, along with total goals and their expected learning outcomes.

-Chat and Message: Initiate teacher-to-student chat classes and send messages from the teacher system to a minimal of one, chosen, or all pupil gadgets.

-Request Help: Students can discreetly alert the teacher after they require help.

-Launch Websites: Remotely launch a specific web site on scholar units.

-Student Rewards: The instructor can assign ‘rewards’ to college students to recognise good work or behaviour.

-File Transfer: The trainer can transfer files to a particular student or a quantity of pupil gadgets in a single motion.

-Lock/Blank Screen: Ensure scholar focus when presenting by locking or blanking the student screens.

-WiFi/Battery Indicators: View the present wi-fi and battery standing for every linked pupil tablet.

-Connecting to Students: NetSupport School supplies a fast and easy technique to connect to the required pupil gadgets. The trainer can create ‘rooms’ prematurely and the student units can be configured to a specific room. At the start of a lesson, the trainer simply indicates which of the pre-defined rooms they wish to connect with. ‘Roaming’ students even have the choice of connecting to a delegated room.

The NetSupport School Tutor for Android is free to attempt in your surroundings for 30 days and may then be used along with your current NetSupport School licences. Alternatively, further licences may be bought from your NetSupport reseller.

* Screen seize characteristic supported on pupil tablets where the additional NetSupport School “Extended Features” utility is installed. Available for almost all of main Tablet producers.

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