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Moka Mera EmotionsMoka Mera EmotionsMoka Mera EmotionsMoka Mera EmotionsMoka Mera EmotionsMoka Mera EmotionsMoka Mera Emotions

Moka Mera Emotions is a playful, academic utility for children where they can explore and learn how to determine their feelings utilizing emotional filters and picture playing cards. This app can be used in early childhood education by youngsters together with their academics, or at home with their parents as a software to determine and discuss completely different feelings.

By tapping on the emoticons within the app, representing 19 totally different feelings, the image of the child’s face will change accordingly. The face turns into e.g. unhappy, shocked, indignant, or joyful. There are completely different emotional filters and sound effects to support the emotion.

Select your language within the app (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Swedish, and Finnish). There are additionally picture cards with Moka Mera, the little monster, representing the identical 19 feelings.

By holding your finger on the mirror you'll find a way to see the way you look naturally and examine it to the emotional filter image of yourself. You can turn off the sound by tapping the speaker. You can take pictures of yourself by holding the chosen emoticon.

There are 7 core emotions and 12 further emotions, with a colour code connecting them to one of the core emotions. By tapping the identical button you probably can see all 19 feelings. The feelings in the app are: Happy, Surprised, Sad, Angry, Disgusted, Afraid, Love (core emotions) and Proud, Curious, Lonely, Ashamed, Disappointed, Jealous, Bored, Sleepy, Shy, Worried, Nervous, Relieved, and Me (no particular emotion).

Moka Mera Emotions is protected for youngsters to make use of, which suggests we don’t collect any information, it’s free from promoting, and it contains no in-app purchases. The application works offline and no internet connection is necessary. It relies on the Finnish curriculum for early childhood education and we have cooperated with researchers, experts, and teachers, to produce the very best content.

The child may not be conversant in all of the emotions in the app. By giving examples, telling stories, studying books, and taking half in with the emotions in the app, you can assist the kid to call and identify new emotions. This might be your key to opening a significant discussion with the kid about emotions, as properly as understanding and managing them. When youngsters turn out to be good at recognizing and describing their feelings, it’s simpler to advance to the subsequent step: showing empathy in the course of others — a vital life talent.

This is a fun way to discover the vary of feelings we have, and the app works as a basis for meaningful discussions. More data at, where you can also find suitable questions to use in the discussions with the kids, as properly as instructional lesson plans, developed by experts.

Happy playing!

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