Metronome Lab

Metronome Lab

By Asztalos Levente

Metronome LabMetronome LabMetronome LabMetronome LabMetronome Lab

Metronome Lab is an educational metronome which helps to understand totally different rhythm notes with the help of the wheel technique.

The app represents classical music sheet notation with dots and lines in a circle. The illustration of rhythms and notes in circle makes it simpler to learn and get acquainted with music. For advanced users it shows a different point of view, and offers a model new device to practice. It can help instructors to teach in a more enjoyable and engaging way.

Main advantages:

- Simple usage

- Easy to understand

- Different subdivisions inside beats

- Tempo between 20 and four hundred BPM, adjustable tempo note

- Different time signatures

- Save and cargo and organise beats into folders


Bálint Wargha

Levente Asztalos

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