Math: Long Addition

Math: Long Addition

By Epsilon Development

Math: Long AdditionMath: Long AdditionMath: Long AdditionMath: Long AdditionMath: Long Addition

The utility will educate you how to do a long addition. The utility is sensible: it tries to understand your errors and provide you with acceptable indications.

The lengthy addition is a basic idea of math. It is the basis of all the skills in arithmetics and in math in general.

The application proposes two modes: coaching and learning.

In learning mode, the application shows you the means to do the addition step-by-step. Each step of the mathematics exercise is explained and detailed. You can choose the numbers, or let the application randomly select the addition to do.

In training mode, you do the lengthy addition step-by-step by your self. The software detects the errors, such as forgetting the carry. It gives you indications when you need all alongside math workout routines.

Several ranges are possible for math exercises. The simple stage proposes simple numbers, with out carry for the early studying of long addition. The following ranges proposes more and more troublesome workout routines. It might assist dyscalculic people.

The utility computes a rating from time and errors in the course of the lengthy addition.

Note: The application uses vocal synthesis (it speaks) to make remark during math exercises. On some gadgets, it will propose to you to install upgrades of vocal synthesis if you want to get better diction quality.

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