USE Zhiza - This is not taught at school

USE Zhiza - This is not taught at school

By ЕГЭ 2022

USE Zhiza - This is not taught at schoolUSE Zhiza - This is not taught at schoolUSE Zhiza - This is not taught at schoolUSE Zhiza - This is not taught at schoolUSE Zhiza - This is not taught at school

The world is developing quickly and academic establishments don't always have time to match this. We have created the first software advisor for graduates

In this software you can learn about all life's difficulties and tips on how to overcome them. If you did not find the answer to your questions in the software - do not hesitate to write to the mail, we will certainly make a evaluation of the subject you have an interest in.


• Household amenities •

- Car, taxi or carsharing, what to choose?

- Rental housing, ideas, life hacks, checklists.

- Food and financial savings, we eat deliciously and inexpensively.

- Pets, the pros and cons of having a pet.

- Cashbacks, we make purchases with profit.


- Payment of utilities, what to lease and how to pay.

- Order and cleanliness, why it is necessary to clear.

- Emergencies at home, what to do, who to call .

• Students•

- Tips for wonderful students, check-in, communication, leisure, and so forth.

- Tips for triple students, check-in, communication, entertainment, etc.

- Part-time work, what to choose, tips on how to combine work and examine.

- Investments, why it's important, tips on how to begin shopping for shares.

- They are evicted, what to do, the way to search for an house.

- They deduct what to do, is it potential

• About me•

- Who am I, trying to make clear the eternal query.

- Why me, awareness in activity.

- Investments, why it's important, how to start shopping for shares.

- Video video games, harm or benefit?

- Physical well being, the benefits of exercise and every day train.

- Mental well being, save the nervous system.

- Hobbies and hobbies, how to choose, how not to give up.

- Consumption, forced purchases and mindless spending.

- Fact-checking, the artwork of doubt.

• About people•

- Friends, all about friendship.

- Parents, the way to get together with them.

- Strangers, what do they want from you, what do you need from them.

- Smoking, confrontation between people who smoke and non-smokers.

- Injustice, a philosophical view of the issue.

- How to argue, ideas for a calm and constructive victory.

I appreciated the applying ? Don't forget to depart a evaluation and a coin for development!

Please write all needs and suggestions to us by mail or instantly within the reviews.

We are sure that a brilliant future lies not solely behind universal literacy, particular person awareness and good needs. all through the nation, however the whole world. Our contribution to this future is the application of the Unified State Exam Zhiza, as a result of huge things always begin small.

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