Dragonfly Japanese practice

Dragonfly Japanese practice

By Amalin

Dragonfly Japanese practiceDragonfly Japanese practiceDragonfly Japanese practiceDragonfly Japanese practiceDragonfly Japanese practice

Practice Japanese! This app targets the next beginners:

 ・Those who're about to start learning Japanese ABC (i.e., Hiragana and Katakana).

 ・Those who are aiming on the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N5, N4 stage.

Also, this app is designed to have the ability to study real Japanese effectively, even for novices. For example, all Kanji in the instance sentences have tips on how to read. Additionally, this app has a dictionary, so you can effortlessly search by just touching the instance sentences or selections of questions. Moreover, this app has plenty of instance sentences which have voices by Japanese native audio system. So you can purchase standard and pure Japanese. In short, this app is easy to practice. Now, let's try it out.

The following methods can be found for studying.

Kana table

In the Kana table, you presumably can examine the following gadgets of Hiragana and Katakana:


 ・Stroke order


 ・Romanization notation

The strokes are animated easily. The pronunciations are Japanese native speaker pronunciations.


Flashcards have phrases on the entrance and information corresponding to meanings and instance sentences on the back. You can check them repeatedly until you memorize them. This function also can play pronunciation. Therefore you have to use it not just for memorization but in addition for repeating and dictation. Besides, you possibly can select the flashcard to use by the cardboard you do not memorize, the part of speech of the phrase, and so on.


The form of questions for follow includes the next:

 Question of Hiragana / Katakana


 ・Hiragana→romanization notation


 ・Katakana→romanization notation

 ・Romanization notation→Hiragana

 ・Romanization notation→Katakana


 Question of words

 ・Meaning question

 ・Reading question

 ・Orthography question

 ・Filling question

 ・Paraphrase and synonymous question

 ・Usage question

Then many of the query choices change every time. Therefore, even when you try the identical query repeatedly, you will not get bored. Then you will be unable to answer accurately each time if you do not memorize firmly. Besides, you'll be able to select questions by the query sort, a half of speech, the question of the not yet appropriate answer, and so forth.

Also, the next features are available to support learning.

Kana pronunciation display feature

This app can show Kana pronunciation on prime of sentences. This show feature we developed is compelling. With this app, you'll not be anxious without understanding the method to learn Kanji.

Learning history

This app records your day by day studying status. Thereby, you can verify the examine time, the right answer price, the weak words, etc. Also, this app displays the understanding of individual word, unit, and total as a graph. So you'll have the ability to perceive the state of affairs at a look.

Review feature

This characteristic intensively presents the Kana and words that are weak primarily based on studying historical past. So you possibly can apply efficiently.

Search feature

You can search for all phrase info, together with instance sentences. If you don't know the phrase within the example sentence or the question, you presumably can seek for it just by touching the word with out having to type. Also, if you understand the pronunciation, you'll be able to verify the corresponding Kanji.

Bookmark feature

You can bookmark the phrases or questions about which you care. Thereby you'll be able to verify them later, or problem them repeatedly.

My goal

By displaying your aim and the deadline, this app improves your motivation.

If you learn using this app, you shall be able to study new words surely and pronounce naturally.

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