Chess - Dragon variation

Chess - Dragon variation

By Maksim Kolosov

Chess - Dragon variationChess - Dragon variationChess - Dragon variationChess - Dragon variation

Chess is a good mind trainer! Studying chess is the development of pondering, an increase in the stage of intelligence, the formation of character.

Teaching chess to children and adults helps to educate and kind creative people with a high degree of IQ, who're able to make versatile non-standard selections and endure life's difficulties.

If self-education is an important part of your life, and chess is considered one of your hobbies, then the MaximSchool chess college does a superb and useful job, deciding on fascinating tactical puzzles and chess games that provide a unique opportunity to check chess openings, middlegame enjoying concepts, technique and tactics!

The free model of the app Combinations within the Dragon incorporates 27 attention-grabbing workout routines on victory combinations, gaining an advantage, successful pieces and checkmating in a couple of moves. In the full model of the application, 172 duties are waiting for you.

The exercises are divided into 2 teams:

- A recreation with versatile castling

- One-sided castling game or white King in the center

After solving each process, you probably can watch the entire sport and find out how the preliminary position of the combination turned out! In all games of this app, the victory was achieved by the chess players who played with black pieces.

Author of the thought, number of chess video games and exercises: Maxim Kuksov (MAXIMSCHOOL.RU).