Capitals of the World

Capitals of the World

By Vázquez Software

Capitals of the WorldCapitals of the WorldCapitals of the WorldCapitals of the WorldCapitals of the World


• Capitals of all the nations of the world.

• Classified by by continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.

• Select a continent or all of them.

• Trivia / quiz format.

• Interactive map of each country.

• Up thus far data from Wikipedia of each country.

• The finest games are stored at the TOP 10.

• Fight against the chronometer to reach the TOP 10.

• Vertical and horizontal orientation design.

You can play once more the failed solutions.

• Portrait or panorama mode.

• Attractive design, with sounds and animations.

• For youngsters and grown ups.

• With the flags of the countries.

• Fully useful and free.

Improve your information of geography and study the capitals of the countries all over the world. The quiz contest format will make you've a fun time. Eventually you will study all the solutions effortlessly. Are you ready to guess the capitals?

Available in:

• Spanish.

• French.

• English.

• Italian.

• Portuguese.