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flash englishflash englishflash englishflash englishflash english

This is an application that trains you to recall English words (basic, general, TOEIC about 6,000)

within 1 second as soon as you hear it.

The Flash English consists of the next steps to achieve the objective,

The studying sequence is routinely assigned primarily based on the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, recreation theory, and synthetic intelligence personalized learning.

=== Learning stage ===

Once studying begins, the ​native speaker's voice and pronunciation organ animation are offered for each phrase.

Whether you know the word after listening rigorously. Think about it and

selectively examine the spelling and meaning earlier than proceeding with studying.

If re-learning is required, you possibly can re-designate it throughout studying or on the outcomes screen.

=== T-evaluation stage ===

Check that you understand the that means of the words which were discovered.

Wrong words are returned to the training target of the educational stage. Go back.

=== S-Assessment Step ===

Assess your listening improvisation for words that you have completed up to T-Assessment.

This evaluation is carried out 3 times.

The second analysis is conducted 1 day after the primary evaluation,

The third evaluation is carried out 3 days after the second evaluation.

This is a method based on the well-known Ebbinghaus forgetting curve concept.

Wrong phrases return to the earlier step.

=== Challenge phase ===

Performs 1-second-wake-evaluation for random phrases.

The phrases are already learned phrases.

It could additionally be a word that has by no means been discovered.

At least one problem step is mechanically recommended daily.

Words which have failed within the challenge

There is no need to worry if you don't get it proper within the problem.

The phrases in the original learning stage are randomly chosen from among the many words that have not been discovered,


Wrong phrases in the challenge have the impact of being extra engraved when studying.

In order to know the phrases you don't know anyway, and likewise to have the flexibility to improvise,

If you fail the challenge because you are learning. It can be natural.

The more you study, the more phrases you understand in the challenge,

and the success rate of the problem naturally also increases.

* This improvement was assisted by Hallym University inter-students (Chan-Woo Hwang, Soo-Bin Shim, Jin-A Kim, Young-Dong Song).


Developer contact :

Address: 301-1, seventy seven, Seongsuillo, Seongdonggu, Seoul, Korea

Tel. 82-2-702-7567

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